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Likhita Kolla, Medical Student from William and Mary went to Nicaragua recently and spent 9 days there doing lots of hands on approach social service to many of the people there. We from HfH supported this project with $1000 to encourage this student who went along with her school from William Mary College. Below is description from Likhita on her experience.

As part of the WM Global Medical Brigades team, I would like to thank you again for giving us such a big donation and making our vision a reality.
Just a quick update on our trip:
Our trip was 9 days in total.  We spent the first three days doing a medical clinic, where were had a triage station, consult, pharmacy, dental extractions, gynecology station, and kids charla.  The clinic (located in Pueblo Nuvo, Nicaragua) was successful with around 800-900 patients from 9 different villages coming for a check up during the three days.  The most important part of the clinic was providing these people with medicine, especially vitamins. Thanks to Hope for Humanity’s donations, we were able to reach the finish line for our medicine and supplies purchases.  Almost all of the medicine was given to those who lack proper medical resources and the rest was donated to the Global Brigades branch in Nicaragua to be used for future brigades.
We spent the next two days doing public health.  During these days, our team split up to work at three houses.  We laid concrete on the floors of houses, built septic tanks, and built latrine/shower complexes. These small improvements in their quality of life are huge steps in controlling diseases and creating a more sterile environment.
Our final day was with the Water brigade. The goal of this brigade is to provide an entire village with access to clean water without having to walk 3km to the nearest well, which houses contaminated water most of the time.  Although our team only spent one day helping dig trenches for the pipes to go through, this project will take 3 months in total and by the end, every house will have a connection to a big tank of water with clean water.  These families will not have to walk far distances for such an essential resource.
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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.52.47 PM
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