If you haven't read about Education Sponsorship Program please do read about it before coming here


Education Sponsorship



With the Annual sponsorship program, a sponsor can support education of a kid till 10th grade on an annual basis.


The amount needed for the annual sponsorship program is $250 dollars per year.

Please mail a check payable to Hope for Humanity:

Hope for Humanity, Inc.
3722 Berleigh Hill CT,
Burtonsville MD 20866.

The money will be used for the child’s school fee, uniform, books and various school activities. We will also encourage sponsors to keep supporting the kids in ongoing fashion or switch to Lifetime sponsorship so that there is no break in the kid’s education.


Selecting Kids for Education

Through our survey of the community we have a list of various underprivileged children’s profiles who are in need of education. Once you decide to enroll in sponsoring a kid’s education we will send you details of the kids in need of education. Based on the profiles, sponsors can select to sponsor education of a particular kid.

Question and Concerns

If you are interested in sponsoring kid's education, or have any questions or concerns, you can send your contact details in the Contact Us form. We will reach to ASAP and address any questions, concerns or clarifications. If you are interested in the process we will also provide all the next steps in how to contribute etc.



Hope for Humanity is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c) (3)of the Internal Revenue Code, Employer Identification # 42-172-1366

Thank you for supporting Hope for Humanity MD!