Q: What kind of backgrounds do they come from?

Mostly all of them are very poor and either they are semi orphans or orphans. No literacy background at all. So, they have lot of cuss words that they use frequently with no shame or guilt. They are very much abused at home.

Q: How do you deal with them and try to teach good manners or habits? Does teachers put any extra effort? How do you deal with kids that come from abusive families?

Teachers listen to them or see them sobbing. They will notice if they don't bring food from home that day. Then teachers report to Principal or manager where they take care of them right away serving them with hot meals. Some miss the bus and are stranded on the streets. The school management sends them the school bus again to get them separately.

Q: I personally observed some kids bringing some Chilli powder and stale buttermilk rice in the tiffin boxes. How do they manage?

Other kids eating next to them share their own food with such a good nature and sharing heart. That shows the passion and caring nature of one another when other kids suffer. That to us is very touching to watch other kids take care for ones in pain and hunger.

Q: What do the sponsors feel when they see the kids at school when they visit?

Some feel that most kids look under nourished, innocent with lack of confidence. They are typically smaller size and weight and don't look their normal age. One sponsor in particular after seeing the kids started sponsoring for snack meals since last year. This is how the snack plan was started and thanks to the sponsor. She did it through help of her colleague and her family members as a joint effort. We're grateful to this sponsor.

Q: One Sponsor want to know if these kids can get free screening for overall health concerns before they get ill

We would like to see if the physicians from the local board can volunteer such services to the kids once or twice a year for their overall heath. Or at least for them to come and give a presentation about health and how they should be taking care of themselves with proper health habits.

Q: Some sponsors wanted to know if they can somehow communicate with the kids they're sponsoring?

With the modern technology such as face time, skype we can make arrangements to communicate with the kids upon advanced notice. OR. through personal greeting cards via email exchanges.

Q: Some Sponsors wanted to know how they can improve the kids grades esp. in Math/Sci. projects.

Since last year, we started giving small incentives and prize awards for the bright students so that others feel encouraged to do well watching the other kids getting prizes. We're giving similar incentives to the teachers also for improving the kids grades over all.

Q: Some sponsors wanted to know what's most useful to take when they visit the kids?

Some sponsors took pencils, pens, note books etc. While some took sweets and fruit.

Q: How did one sponsor make a difference to the small kids in LKG and UKG?

One donor sponsored for a computer and projector so that kids can learn through educational videos while having fun at the same time. That is quite useful for kids in all aspects.

Q: Some sponsors wanted to know the over all daily schedules for the kids from morning to evening?

Our principal Lakshmi Tulasi fills in morning time with Yoga etc. before the classes start. Some kids stay behind and sleep at the school grounds so that they don't come late to the school next morning to not miss Yoga or Karate classes etc.