There are two main programs in Women Empowerment.

Vocational Training

Through Vocational Training  we are providing valuable skills needed for various jobs. Communication and Computer Skills are the two primary focus areas. Goal is to provide standardized training on these skills with NIIT certification and assistance on Job placement.

Sewing Machine Program

The Sewing Machine Program teaches underprivileged women the trade of Tailoring through Sewing Machines. Goal is to provide women skillsets so they can take up tailoring/sewing as a profession in order to help improve their and their family's financial situation.

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Vocational Training Sewing Machine Program


We want to help under privileged women who are willing to improve their life standards and have no support. In our service area, most of the disadvantaged women work as domestic workers, agricultural labors, sweepers & cleaners in schools, hospitals etc.. They do not have permanent, dignified, sustainable livelihoods. Due to lack of skills and regular income generation activities, they are below the poverty line. So, we wanted to provide valuable skills which would help these women come out of poverty.