Donor Projects are projects that donors fully fund and support. They approach Hope for Humanity for facilitation and administrative assistance to successfully carryout the projects. Typically Donor Projects help support various causes that donors strongly believe in such as helping special needs kids or supporting orphanages.

If you have a specific project that you are currently supporting or interested in supporting please contact us through the contact form.

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    Montessori High School

    Dr./Mrs. Prabha Atreya is supporting two girls from Montessori High School in HYD. There names are Swapna Vadamanu and S. Indupriya.

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    Sai Seva Sangh

    There are several sponsors that request to support Sai Seva Sangh. Sai Seva Sangh strongly believes that education has the power to transform lives. They want to ensure that every child, regardless of their social and economic background has access to quality education, enjoys learning and makes progress towards discovering and realizing their true potential.

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    Snack Program

    Kavitha Kanuri and Haritha Potuluri are two main sponsors supporting the snack program for our HfH kids. Starting this June, our HfH snack program will be increased from 200 kids to 400 kids. HfH kids are so happy to get this snacks everyday with fruit and eggs which is very healthy and nutritious.

  • Abhaya

    AbhayakShethram – Abhaya, Anjali and Uttej

    Abhaya Kshethram is organization conceived to rehabilitate people with special needs. This center is run by Thasleem Sultana. Krishna Rao supports three kids Abhaya, Anjali and Uttej on behalf of her three grand children.

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    Abhayak Shethram

    Abhaya Kshethram is organization conceived to rehabilitate people with special needs and is run by Thasleem Sultana. Several sponsors come forward to provide Annadanam on their special occasions such as B’days, Anniversary’s etc. with $130 per ea. Annadanam. Thasleem puts the board with their name and wishing B’day wishes to the sponsor etc.

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    Madanapalli Project

    Madanapalli Project is sponsored by  Swarna BaReddy. She sent us $10,000 to support this cause. She came from this village and she likes the social worker Padmanabha Reddy garu who devotes his full time with this school supporting 80 plus orphans from this place. He uses his own retirement money to support this project. When […]

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    Koneru Raasi

    Koneru Raasi is a student that comes from a very poor farmer’s family. The Sponsor Ghanta Sambasiva Rao decided to help this student with a yearly support of $1000 until she graduates from school. Using this support, Raasi is pursuing ECE from Devineni Venkataramana & Dr. Hima Shekhar Mic College of Technology. Financial need: Raasi […]