Lifetime Sponsorship

Sponsor Kid's Education till 10th Grade

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Annual Sponsorship

Sponsor Kid's Education on an Annual Basis

Women's Empowerment

Provide Vocational training to Women


Child Education

Education should be a right and privilege to everyone. Unfortunately many kids in India are still unable to go to school due to poverty, child labor, lack of support etc. Our goal is to provide quality education to underprivileged children through financial support of sponsors.

Women Empowerment

We want to help underprivileged women who are willing to improve their life standards and have no support. Many of these women work as domestic workers, agricultural labors without any growth or recognition. We want to provide desktop publishing, Microsoft Office, Photoshop skills with certification to help them become more employable.


At Hope For Humanity, we aim to help those most in need in US and India by supporting projects in Education and Economic Empowerment.

We deal directly with social workers at the agencies we partner with and our goal is for 100% of donated funds to be spent on worthy causes without any overhead costs. This approach is made possible by our dedicated volunteers who donate their time free of charge.


We make sure the sponsor funds are used solely for the cause. The sponsor is provided full transparency into the cause and usage of funds.

We also make sure sponsor gets a personal experience towards the cause by giving various avenues to participate and view the progress of the cause. For instance, sponsors can be connected to the students through visits to the school, greeting card exchanges, videos, emails and FaceTime. They are also provide frequency progress reports of the children.


We visited the school and we met Lashmi garu and her husband. We felt very good and touching when we met the little girl. Lakshmi garu and her husband working very hard and doing so much for the community aunty. Our organization is very lucky to have couple like them. After I visited the school and seeing all the kids I felt like I wish I could do more for those children. I can tell you this aunty in future if I get a chance to do anything more I will definitely help our school aunty, also I will tell some of my friends and try to get them join HFH.I would like to thank you for spending your time and doing this to our community. Also I need to thank Uncle for supporting you in every thing you do aunty

Kalyani V Atluri
Kalyani V Atluri QA Manager

I am amazed about the dedication of the young couple Vinod and Lakshmi Tulasi Garu for providing education for the under privileged children. I am so proud of their dedication to the kids and treat them like their own. I am impressed about the different programs they are providing. Not only providing education helping with nutrition , physical activities and computer skills are admirable.

In November I had visited the school. This time kids looked well nourished, happy enthusiastic. I am very happy about the progress I have seen. The other important aspect donating to Hope for Humanity is 100 percent 100 percent spent for the kids. These kids are our future and I am I honored to support them.Thank you all who are working so hard behind the scenes to provide funds and support the school to be successful.  If all of us can provide tiny support we can make a big difference in lot of kids lives


Sita Kottapalli

Being in U.S, I always wanted to help underprivileged kid's education in India. However, I didn't know how I can contribute without money getting corrupted and for me to see the results. I was very lucky to have found Hope for Humanity which addressed both of these concerns. Through the Lifetime sponsorship program the money will be fully spent on kid's education and I can interact and see progress of the kid.

I had a chance to visit hope for humanity school in Vijayawada. It was a great experience. I was able to interact with all the students and staff. The staff and administrators are passionate on helping the kids get educated and be successful. I felt overjoyed that my contribution was truly going to a good cause


Chaitanya Sathi
Chaitanya Sathi BI Architect Bank of Newyork Mellon
I was a visitor of the school once and my wife along with her sister visited twice. The school is well maintained, and the students are reasonably well dressed.We definitely felt that the students are benefiting from the tireless efforts of HfH. Personally, we feel, by providing education to anybody is a big gift to the society in the long run. The principal and the teachers are doing a good job in motivating the students to study well and emphasizing the importance of education to their future benefit. Donor's money is well spent with the least overheads.
Siva Lingam

I heard about this organization through a friend and sponsored a kid. When I went to India, I visited the place and was thankful to the couple who was running the school with passion.
Later, when I was talking to the founder of the organization who visited the school recently , she mentioned that she was sorry to see that some of the kids couldn't afford to get one healthy meal a day. This gave me food for thought . Nutrition is so important to kids for them to concentrate and do well in their academics. We are trying to provide education but they don't have enough physical strength in their bodies to meet the challenges in their academic life.This triggered the thought of providing them with atleast one healthy snack a day. My friend and me decided to provide the financial support and my brothers decided to do the catering. Started with providing one snack a day for the most needy kids . This year we were fortunate to provide the snack to the whole school by the generosity of few other sponsors . I am so grateful to all the sponsors who joined hands with me and my friend to provide a healthy snack and to the dedicated couple and the founders who continue their passionate journey to provide the best educational opportunities to these kids. I am honored to be a part of this whole task and blessed to come across this organization who are passionate and dedicated in their service to humanity.

Kavitha Kanuri